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Timothy "Tim" Chapman

Tim Chapman

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The Chapman Group

The Need

The Chapman Group understands that life can move fast and is constantly changing. Life events such as marriage, births, and occupations can create the need to sell your home, buy a new home and in some cases, both. Combine that with an everchanging housing market, you may find yourself in Need of a housing professional. We know how important it is to have someone you can rely on in these times to provide you with the level of service, honesty, and integrity that you and your loved ones require, to protect your values, plan your future, and achieve your dreams.

You can rely on The Chapman Group.

The Idea

Our Story begins with an Apple Seed! Tim Chapman shares more than just a name with his celebrated ancestor Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman), he shares an Idea. Johnny Appleseed didn’t just plant apple seeds, he had success as a businessman too! In 1792 settlers could gain a permanent homestead of 100 acres in Ohio if they planted 70 trees on it in three years…So just as Johnny built his success by growing orchards thus gaining and selling property. The Chapman Group strives to do the same by providing quality service and reliability to the peoples of Greater Cincinnati in hopes that by cultivating honest relationships with clients, friends, & fellow agents, that we may all harvest something great from our orchard of success.

The fruit of which shall bear a brighter future for our business.

The Group

The Chapman Group houses personalities and professionalism from several different careers. Of course, buying and selling Real Estate…but also building homes, real estate appraisal, manufacturing, engineering, troubleshooting just to name a few. But more importantly we are Fathers, Mothers Brothers, Sisters, & friends. We’ve not forgotten the fundamentals in any relationship, Honesty, Trust, and Respect. We hold these values high and believe them to be the only way that you the client and we The Chapman Group can both truly succeed.

You the individual, not You the transaction.


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